Hi, I'm Stacey and this blog is a snapshot of some of the most memorable events of my life as a daughter, sister, wife and mother.  Or it will be.  I'm not really sure what it started out as, other than odd ramblings and randomness.

 I'm a 34 year old SAHM and I've been married to the man of my dreams, K since August 2001.  You should see the dimples.  He had me at the dimples.

We live in the country with my dad and my brother, J.  It's sorta like Walton's Mountain, only dysfunctional.  We have horses, miniature horses, a pig, cats & dogs.  Heck, we even had chickens.  Now we just have very plump foxes running wild.

After nearly 7 years of TTC without the use of fertility drugs, we pretty much gave up on ever having children.  I was doubtful fertility drugs would work and if they weren't successful, it would have been devastating to be unable to have IVF as an option because of the financial obligation.  I quit my job, which was a cesspool of stress itself and proceeded to look for another.  A year later and several bombed interviews later, having babies was the last thing on my mind.  With much doubt, due to my menstrual history, I grew suspicious when I had not gotten my period.  That was nothing new by the way.  Skipping those was the norm.  But this time I felt different.  Tired all the time and my boobs felt bigger.  I know, I know.  I don't go around feeling myself up for kicks or anything, but they are *my* boobs, I should know if they change!  So I bit the bullet and peed on a stick.  It was pretty much Shock & Awe at the MOAM household when the second blue line showed up making a pretty "+" sign appear.  Nine months later, on New Year's Eve '08 by the grace and blessing of the good Lord, I gave birth via c-section to this charming, adorable incredible little being known as Big C.

Those first few months were very difficult.  Bili-blankets and isolettes, colic, gas, spit-up and a baby who would not stop screaming.  But then, the total awesomeness that is Big C finally kicked in and I wanted more.  Deciding not go back on a hormonal form of birth control we opted for condoms until we were ready to try to be parents again.  However, I wasn't expecting that to happen a mere 6 months after becoming one for the first time.  But one day in early July, I noticed that I was incredibly tired and my boobs were doing that *bigger* thing again.  So I peed on a stick again and what do you know?  I saw that cute little "+" sign again.  Nine months later on March 24, 2010, I gave birth to a gorgeous, captivating and super duper sweet baby girl that we named after my late mother and affectionately call her Little C.

And so my journey has begun down the path of motherhood.  I've experienced the horrors of bilirubin build-up due to major breastfeeding fail, colic, gas, spit-up and teething along with the joy, awe, inspiration, blissfulness and love that comes with being a Mommy.  I know it's cliche but it really is the hardest job you'll ever love.  I am privileged, honored and blessed beyond words to be able to have the title of Mother.

This is my life out loud.  I'm getting braver by the day and more willing to share the insanity that ensues here at the funny farm.  So why don't you stay tuned?


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