Saturday, June 12, 2010

Imagine If...

“Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, Or kiss the place to make it well? My mother”

You are a mother.  The greatest joy of your life is your darling, sweet baby.  You would do anything for him, or her.  Now imagine that your child, your baby, who hasn't even reached his first year, is diagnosed with cancer.  Suddenly the world as you knew it begins to unravel.  Your child has cancer.

This is not an "imagine if" for The Chupp Family.  Beth's son, Keegan had it rought to start out.  Being born 6 weeks premature and he was already facing health issues right from the beginning.  But then he was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma.  He has already endured a 7 hour surgery to remove a tumor from his brain at the tender age of only 8 months old.  He is in for 6 long months of chemotherapy.  Beth has lost her job and the financial responsibility is going to be huge on this family.  

This is Keegan.  How precious is he?
You can help.

Joanna at Raising Madison has set up a fundraiser to help Beth in the fight to save Keegan's life.  Please head over to Raising Madison and read Keegan's Story.  Won't you join us in Karing For Keegan?  You can donate to help offset the huge financial costs for this family by clicking on the donate button under Keegan's badge in the top right-hand side of my blog.

This is also very real for Cassie.  Her son, Sam had a tumor removed from his scrotum at the tender age of 4 months old.  Days later he was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma, which has an estimated 30% survival rate.  Baby Sam has already received 2 rounds of chemotherapy.  Cassie decided to go on "as needed" status with her job in order to take care of Sam.  Her husband's job does not offer insurance benefits.  So they have decided to pay for COBRA.  The cost is an extra burden on their family as now, without her additional income they can pretty much pay for their monthly bills and mortgage.

This is Sam.  Isn't he adorable?

You can help.

Jill at Baby Rabies has set up a fundraiser to assist in helping Cassie's family to offset the financial struggle they are facing.  Won't you #helpSam?  By clicking on the button in the top right-hand column of this blog, you can find out all the details in how you can be a part of Sam's fight for life.

If I had one wish and only one wish in the world, it would be that no parent ever have to suffer the loss of a child.  Be it born or unborn.  Before I close my eyes at night, I thank God for the health of my children and I pray for their continued health.  As a mother, I cannot imagine what it must be like for Beth and Cassie to be going through and experiencing this with their babies.  They are courageous fighters, battling with their children each step of the way.

So before you buy that next cup of Starbucks, make an appointment for your hair or eye up that pair of cute sandals for the summer, think about Keegan and Sam.  You could donate what you would be spending to their fund and help buy another month of fighting.  Fighting to save lives that have yet to truly begin.

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  1. Just so, so sad. This is one of my greatest fears. I feel like I can't ever breathe normally because I'm terrified something like this would happen to one of my kids. It's so scary!

    Praying for those little precious kids.


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