Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Gives?

Holy moley! It's been 4 months since my last blog. Sorry about that. I know inquiring minds are just burning to know whats been happening with me. Well...I've been really busy being a mom. Well that and Facebook. I confess, I'm addicted. I tried Twitter and I'm just not that into tweeting. But I like Facebook. I've found so many people from my days at St. Ursula, to my High Schools days and everyone in between. I can't say I've started any fire burning relationships. Truth is, most of the people I have listed as friends (family aside of course) I wasn't all that *friendly* with in the first place. Most were acquaintances, few were friends. And all of them, with the exception of 1 or two I fell out of touch with almost as quickly as we became friends. I would like to think it's just because I moved my last year of high school and those folks I was close with never called after graduation day because my new phone number was now long distance and their parents wouldn't let them call. But, that's probably not the case. In any event, it's old news. I'm enjoying seeing what those folks are up to, their families and what things they find interest in these days, so long after school ended. Other than playing catch up, some of the games are addicting. And if I get one more invite to a farming game (Chelle) I'm gonna blow my top. They are a weakness for me and it's like everyone knows it! But, it's nice to sit back and play a little while my little guy takes a nap.

OK, so now that I've gotten Facebook out of the way....what else has been going on in the last 4 months? Hmm....well. It's been pretty much the same. The end of April saw Big C's Christening, which went well, for the most part. In a previous blog you'll see where I posted my cousin was christening her daughter, E, who is 4 weeks younger than Big C on the same day. Needless to say, the event was going really well until her wacko sister-in-law decided to show her butt and make a scene. Now, I'm not going to get into details here, because honestly you probably wouldn't care *why* she acted like a jackass. But she stormed out of the christening like....well, a jackass...braying all the way to her car. Good riddance to bad rubbish is what I always say! Anywho, other than her ridiculous outburst, it went off quite nicely and everyone had a nice time.

Let's see...May. What happened in May? It was J's birthday. We celebrated with ice cream and cake and sang 'Happy Birthday'. J held Big C while we sang and he wanted the cake...badly. So we took pictures and laughed and enjoyed J's day. Nothing really notable happened the rest of the month, just the usual. June went by, pretty much the same...a pretty quiet month.

July marked our annual trip to A's house for a cookout, fireworks and good times. There were a lot more people this year, which was nice too. A and her hubby just got a pool this year so fun was had by all....except me, I didn't go swimming, but it was because I didn't want don't freak out on me! Big C did really well, it was the longest he had been away from home. But when it came time for fireworks, it was difficult to get him to lay down and go to sleep. I did manage to get him to sleep, only to have him wake up 30 minutes later. He just wasn't going to sleep in someone else's home. Mommy's arms were more comfortable and he settled down and watched the fireworks from A's front lawn with awe and wonder. Everyone had fun. I also attended my 15th high school reunion. It was nice to see people from back in the days of Parkville and do a little catching up. That was lots of fun. Some other things have happened during the month of July, but I'll keep them under wraps for now.

Other than that, I've just been spending my days being a Mommy and watching Big C grow and develop. I can hardly believe he is 7 months old already. Where did the time go? I can remember thinking he was so small in my arms and now I nearly throw out my back lifting him! But I cannot say it enough, I love this little boy. I adore him and yes, there are days he drives me bananas, but I wouldn't change anything. I am so Blessed, so thankful and so fortunate to have such an amazing little child in my life. As far as this month goes, K and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on August 11th. Again I feel Blessed and fortunate to have such an amazing man as my husband, father of my child and best friend. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him, having more children with him and experiencing what life has to offer us, together.

I'll end this entry here since Big C is waking up from his nap and is ready for some lunch! Until next time...


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  1. What an adorable picture!! Your little guy has a lot of personality!


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