Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wow, This is a 4...Make That 7 Wipe Job!

Normally that's how I categorize Big C's *blow outs*.  For those reading who are not Mommies, let me quickly explain the blow out.  The blow out is a massive poop diaper.  A poop so big and so massive that it literally goes from about the top of the crack crease of the tush all the way down and around thoroughly coating the genitals and maybe even creeping up to the top of the diaper.  The levels of the blow out can be anywhere from mild to OH MY GOD.  Leaks can be minimal to go directly to the nearest bath tub.

In this case, surprisingly it was a minimal leak which still called for an outfit change.  The blow out was on the OH MY GOD level though.  Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen so much from him.  I probably should explain that I did give him a healthy dose of prune juice this afternoon prior to his nap.  He hadn't pooped at all yesterday.  I still had no poop from him today and it was 2pm.  So I figured it was time for the good ol prune juice.  I give him the apple prune variety so he drinks it down happily. (Ick)   I have to give props...the stuff works amazingly well.  Within a few hours actually.  Even with a constipated child, its my remedy of choice as it helps soften things up so its less painful.

I know its perfectly normal for a 1 year old to not have a bowel movement for an entire day.  I know it is perfectly normal for them to even go longer.  I have more of a problem with him not pooping than he does.  Even for a day...it irks me.  I guess it goes back to being a neurotic first time mother.  I mean they used to have you write down every wet and dirty diaper in the hospital before you brought them home.  So peeing and pooping regularly must be pretty important, right?  OK, I just like my kid being regular.  So there. :-P

Back to the level of this blow out.  Usually a major blow out is like 4-5 wipes.  I kid you not...I must have used 7 wipes...easy.  There was Just. So. Much. Poop.  My father walked into the room as I unfastened the diaper and shook his head and quickly walked back out saying, "Oh My God."  Yeah...thanks for the help there Dad!  Who knew that much poop could accumulate in a day and a half?

I managed to get Big C cleaned up, freshly diapered and new duds in a matter of minutes.  So all was well.  Just the sheer size and proportion of this blow out was enough to compel me to write this post and share with you.  Aren't you glad I did?  You know you are.


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