Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Back! Did You Miss Me?

Well kinda sorta.  I've never been an everyday writer.  But you know what I'm saying.  So let's see, I'm going to play catch up and just make it short and sweet.  No need to draw it all out with details since it's done and over with and we've since moved on to newer things.

Last Saturday I awoke at 4 in the morning having a panic attack because I couldn't breathe.  Seriously.  Nasal congestion was at it's worst because I caught Big C's cold that just so happened to layer itself on top of one I was fighting myself.  My chest was so tight I felt like I was being crushed.  Mouth breathing is NOT something I am readily able to deal with.  Since my sinuses were completely sealed shut, the mouth breathing commenced only to find no relief because I couldn't get enough air in!  Long story short, I made it through the night and into the morning so I could call my doctor who told me to head over to the nearest ER and get checked out.  There was a question of whether or not my thyroid meds may need adjusting because of the pregnancy since it can cause the heart racing/can't breathe symptoms.

The boy awoke and he was crying and coughing to the point of throwing up and I decided that I was going to just take him to the ER with me.  Something had to give for this kid.  Again, long story short...after blood work and a breathing treatment for me and an exam for Big C we were discharged with a diagnosis of an ear infection that was just starting for him and sinusitis coupled with bronchitis that was just starting for me.  Lovely.  Good thing was we caught Big C's ear infection before it really even got started.  So he was spared the agonizing pain of an earache. That was a total win.  We are recovering for our ills...I slower than Big C.  Mine actually got worse and is just now starting to let up.  But we are on the mend.

As far as my 32 week update, which can now be a 32 and 33 week update.  Things are going OK.  My Sciatic has reared it's ugly head again and it makes for a difficult night's rest.  Plus the peeing through the me when I tell you it's no less that 4 times a night.  Baby has begun to slow down with movement a bit.  Gave me a scare yesterday and today.  But I did get some movement.  And my OB told me as long as I get one occurrence of good active movement once in 24 hours, then we are good.  Not that that helps my overactive neurotic worrisome mind.  Thursday will mark the 34 week period as well as my next OB appointment.  So I'm greatly anticipating the appointment with the baby's slowdown, which according to the doctors, nurses and books is normal at this stage in pregnancy since the babe is getting bigger and the accommodations for him or her are getting smaller.  I'm hoping the snowfall will not hinder me from getting to this appointment.  After the epic snowfall of about 20 inches overnight we are expecting upwards of another foot Tuesday night and all day Wednesday.

Oh Em that like, a car under there?

My sonogram appointment last Friday was kind of sucky.  The technician, whom I've never had before was a total wench.  My OB told me that she'd be able to tell me the weight of the baby as well as gestational age and the percentile in which the baby is in.  When I was pregnant with Big C they told me those things when I asked with no problem.  This B refused to tell me anything.  Well almost.  I did get 1 thing out of her.

Tech:  "We aren't allowed to give out that information, you'll have to get it from your doctor." 

Me:  "Seriously?  He's the one who told me to ask YOU!  OK well can you tell me what we are looking at?"
Tech: "Your cervix."
Me: "Is the baby head down?"
Tech: **Silence**
Me: "Is that the baby's head right there?  The top of it?"
Tech: "Mmhm."
 Me: "What is that?  Are those the baby's hands?"
Tech: **Silence**
Me: **Infuriated** "Now what are you doing?"
Tech:  "Getting the baby's heart rate."
Me:  **Seething** "Well can you at least tell me THAT?  Are you ALLOWED?"
Tech:  "Yeah, it's 135."
Seriously I felt slighted.  Sonograms are a very intimate and important part of one's pregnancy.  You don't get them that often, which is a good thing actually.  Healthy pregnancies don't need lots of sonograms.  But damn.  By brother and my dad were there with me and this chick was just robotic.  Most other techs are happy to point out baby's features, face, fingers, legs, toes and heart.  They have told me what they are doing, looking for or measuring.  They are pleasant and genuinely happy for you.  I basically got hustled back into the room, measurements taken without a word and hustled back out of the room like cow who is being milked.

So I've decided to have a 3D sonogram done this weekend.  I'm pretty excited about it.  I can bring my family with me and they can see the baby on two huge screen plasma TVs.  I thought about doing it before but never made the decision since I didn't have it done with Big C.  But this latest sonogram experience left me feeling so I had no time to spend with my baby.  I know it may sound silly to you, but that is how I felt.  The sonograms are my opportunity to *see* the little wonder who makes all of those movements inside me and it's very special.  That technician totally ruined that experience for me.  Depending on the results of that sonogram, I probably won't have another one unless the doctor is worried about something.  So that is why I decided to have the 3D sonogram done.

*GASP*  Who is that handsome boy?  No more hair in the eyes!

In other news, this Sunday I figured it was time to give Big C his first hair cut.  I did cut off a curl and save it for his baby book.  I was kind of bummed that I didn't get to take him to the barber shop for the whole experience and pictures.  But it's snowed every single weekend I planned on taking him!  The hair was in his eyes, curling around his ears and he was forever fussing with it.  The kid was miserable so it was time...barber shop or not.  I have to tell you...I so didn't want to cut it.  It was the hair he was born with!  Sort of...he was kind of a baldie...just little wisps of blonde hair.  But I knew after cutting his hair for the first time that he would look grown up and well...he's my baby and I don't want him looking so grown up so soon!


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  1. Wow. Thanks for the update! I would so tell your doc about that lady. There is just no need for it!

    Love you!



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