Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Bit of A Sabbatical

Like you didn't notice.  Things have been crazy busy here.  Plus, I've been really tired.  And I've been trying to really spend a lot of time with my little guy since in a few short weeks he won't be the only one any longer.  I've had some drama going on at home as well.  Not with my husband mind you.  In fact, he's been my sanity.  My hormones have been really unpredictable and will switch from one to another in record time.  My weekends are just zapped and I feel like I'm barely getting time to spend with my husband and son before the new baby arrives.  We haven't even decided on a name yet.  Yep, less than 4 weeks until baby's arrival and we haven't chosen names yet.  I'm hoping that next weekend will be quieter and we can focus on more family things.  Including preparing for the baby's arrival. 

So, I've had very little time and/or energy for blogging the last few weeks.  I'm sorry about that too.  Not that I have a huge following or people waiting with baited breath to see what I'm going to write next.  But there are a few of you who read on a regular basis, and I thank you!  So no, I haven't forgotten about you!

I'm planning on doing an entry either Saturday or Sunday evening.  I'm scheduled for my next 3D sonogram on Saturday along with getting my taxes done.  Sunday the dog has to be picked up from the vet and Emme's birthday party is finally going to happen!  Poor kiddo has had her first birthday snowed out twice!  So I'll give my 36 week update, the sonogram report and a recant of the festivities of Em's birthday party.  Hopefully I'll have pictures too!

In the meantime, I just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't forgotten about blogging and hopefully things will be a little more settled soon so I can get back to writing more!


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