Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SAHM Vs. Working Moms...It's Not What You Think

I have no beef with working mothers.  I applaud you for doing what it takes to keep a roof over your head and provide for your family.  I know many working mothers who would like nothing more than to stay home with their babies.  And there are other mothers who love their jobs and love working.  Being a SAHM just isn't for them.  And that is fine.  That I don't have a problem with.  Being a SAHM is not for everyone.  The same goes for being a working mom....its not for everyone.

Again, let me clarify, I have no beef with working mothers.


It royally pisses me off when I hear a working mother talk about "staying home" like its some kind of vacation.  While at my OBs office today, waiting for my 6 week post partum check up, another woman was at the desk with her 6 week old baby girl, signing out and chatting with the receptionist.  I don't make a habit of eavesdropping on a conversation, but the woman in question, I'll call her Ms. Blackberry, was standing right next to where I was sitting.  I see her reach into her bag and whip out her cell phone (a Blackberry, naturally) and start texting then glance over at her sleeping baby in her car seat and say, "Ready to go to the sitter?"  The receptionist had asked her if she was returning to work, or if she went back to work early.  Now I should have prefaced this by saying this woman was dressed in business attire, so it appeared she was back to work already.  Ms. Blackberry answered with a chortle, "Oh, I went back to work after 4 weeks!  I couldn't last the full 6 weeks.  There is no way I could be a stay at home mother.  I simply can't just sit around watching TV and doing nothing all day."

WTF?  Did I just hear this chick correctly?  Does she really think SAHMs just sit on our fat asses all day and watch TV doing nothing?  I nearly stood up and let her have it, but I retained my composure as I rocked my screaming colicky baby who was farting up a storm and making a huge blowout.  I do not think I'm an overly sensitive person, but damn...that statement got way deep into my crawl and I think my eye was twitching a little because Ms. Blackberry gave me a look, as if I was going to beat the ever loving crap out of her and she sped up as she walked past me.  Either that or she was trying to get away from Little C's deafening screams and ripe diaper in a hurry.

I know working moms get a lot of flack.  But you are not alone.  And hey, if you ever need a break from work, call in sick, bring your kiddo(s) over for a play date and we can both sit on our asses and do nothing but watch TV.  What would you like to watch? :)



  1. Amen to that! I'm a SAHM to a 16-month-old with another baby due any day now. I can tell you that my days are so long and busy and stressful - I don't know what that woman was talking about! I worked full-time for many years up until my baby was born and I can assure you that being a SAHM is much more stressful that any career out there. I can fully understand why that lady rubbed you the wrong way. Wow.

  2. I want to watch Ellen. I miss Ellen.

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  4. Oh man, Ellen. I miss Ellen too.

  5. When you have a little person depending on you for everything every minute of the day, it is very stressful. I have friends who couldn't wait to go back to work because they said it was less stressful than taking care of their newborn. Ha! It gets more stressful as they get older and start getting into things. Especially when you are trying to cram cleaning, paying bills, cooking, laundry and anything else in during nap times that sometimes only last 30 minutes! Otherwise you are up half the night trying to get it all done.


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