Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little C at 5 Months

I can hardly believe that she is 5 months old.  This update is a bit late since she turned 5 months old on the 24th.  I'll try to get her 6mo update closer to the actual date!  She is such a happy little thing.  Smiles constantly.  Day & night difference from those first 3 1/2 monthsColic & reflux is such a bitch.  It really is.  I'm so glad it is mostly over.  We still medicate for reflux, but it is being managed really well and under control.  So without further delay, here is the update!
What she is wearing:
- 3-6 months can still wear some 0-3 but anything with feet she is busting out
- She is wearing size 3 Luvs.
- Huge smiles on her gorgeous little face!

What she is doing:
-Getting up on hands and knees and rocking violently!
- "Talking" to us.  A lot.  She is very vocal!  Lots of coos and babbles & she can get loud too! 
- Smiling.  Big broad smiles, with and without the tongue sticking out.
- Laughing.  Every now and again I can get her going with some deep belly laughs.
- Kicking, reaching, grabbing, shaking and mouthing on everything she can get her hands on.
- Looking at the TV, watching Big C and anything near her.  Her head is on a swivel!
- Snuggling.  Moreso than before, she really likes to be held to your chest and snuggle.
- Gripping items/toys/blankets/burp cloths.
- Pulling her pacifier out of her mouth with her hand & looking at it.  This cracks me up.  She is so intent with the inspection of the paci.

What she is eating:
- Enfamil Nutramigen - 5 bottles - 7ozs. each.
- Prevacid (for reflux) - 4mls 2x daily

What she is growing:
- Finally getting some thicker eyes lashes.  Hoping she gets K's or she'll hate me.  Big C has his father's long thick lashes.

What she likes these days:
- Music -  Especially my singing, but enjoys the music channels on TV and likes the radio too.
- Books - She is very engaged with Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar .
- TV - I usually have to turn it off because she gets distracted and won't take her bottle.
- Getting raspberries on her belly.
- Playing with her feet.
- Me playing with and sniffing her feet and telling her they
- Shaking her rattles, toys that crinkle and jingle.
- Being carried upright since she has much better head control now.
- Still loves her swing, but starting to get bored some days.  She is ready for more action.
- Massages after bath.
- Being swaddled.  I pretty much have to swaddle her every night to get her to go to sleep in her bassinet. Way different from Big C.

What she is saying:
Babbling & cooing up a storm.  No words.

What we are working on:
- Tummy time to strengthen neck muscles.
- Rolling over strengthening back muscles.
- Sitting more upright to practice for when she tries to sit by herself.
- Rocking back & forth on knees

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