Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little C at 4 Months

So I was reading over at I Can Grow People, which I love by the way and saw that Lori is doing monthly updates with her adorable little one.  I thought this was so cool!  So I wanted to start doing them.  I'm not sure I'll be able to do them monthly, but at least I'll be able to do some of the milestone ones!  So, Little C just turned 4 months old!  Pediatrician appointment and vaccines are scheduled.  So here is Little C's 4 Month Update!

I do want to start off by saying that the gas & colic issues are much better since the introduction of Nutramigen formula and Prevacid.  Seriously she is like a new baby.  Still pretty sensitive & somewhat of a Mommy's girl.  She doesn't like when I walk away from her.  But she is beginning to not like anyone talking to her, then walking away.  I think she feels insulted.  She is eating like a horse right now.  Waking up for a 4am feeding, which I thought we had done away with, but she wanted it back, so up I get.  But it's OK...I enjoy our middle of the night girl talks!

What she is wearing:
- Most things at 0-3 months & she still has plenty of room in them for right now.
- She is wearing size 2 Luvs.
- Bibs.  We go through several a day not only from the reflux, but she is a serious drooler now.  I see a tooth in our immediate future.

What she is doing:
- Rolling over!  Both ways & to the left & the right!
- "Talking" to us.  A lot.  She is very vocal!  Lots of coos and babbles & she can get loud too! 
- Smiling.  Big broad smiles, with and without the tongue sticking out.
- Laughing.  Every now and again I can get her going with some deep belly laughs.
- Kicking.  Like a wild woman!  She is batting quite a bit too.
- Demanding attention.  I feel the Dog & Pony Show days approaching!
- Snuggling.  Moreso than before, she really likes to be held to your chest and snuggle.
- Gripping items/toys/blankets/burp cloths.
- Pulling her pacifier out of her mouth with her hand & looking at it.  This cracks me up.  She is so intent with the inspection of the paci.

What she is eating:
- Enfamil Nutramigen - 6 bottles - 5-6ozs. each.

What she is growing:
- She is getting very loooong!  And she's getting more hair...kinda sorta.  Its hard to explain...lol.

What she likes these days:
- Music -  Especially my singing, but enjoys the music channels on TV and likes the radio too.
- Books - She is very engaged with Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar .
- TV - I rarely let her watch television, but she enjoys some of the  Baby Genius shows on our cable On Demand.  J was sitting with her the other night and she was quite engaged in watching Monsters Inside Me with him.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.
- Getting raspberries on her belly.
- Playing with her feet.
- Telling her she has a stinky hiney...hey, as long as she thinks its funny.
- Being carried upright since she has much better head control now.
- Still loves her swing, but starting to get bored some days.  She is ready for more action.
- Massages after bath.
- Being swaddled.  I pretty much have to swaddle her every night to get her to go to sleep in her bassinet. Way different from Big C.

What she is saying:
Babbling & cooing up a storm.  No words.

What we are working on:
- Tummy time to strengthen neck muscles.
- Rolling over strengthening back muscles.
- Sitting more upright to practice for when she tries to sit by herself.

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