Tuesday, July 27, 2010

8 Things Every New or Experienced Mom Shouldn't Be Without

So let me start by saying, I'm still a new mom.  Only been at this gig for a mere 18.5 months so I am by no means an expert in the subject.  But I have found some things that rock my world as a Mommy and that after having used them, I wonder how I lived without them!  By the way, any products are not paid endorsements.  I purchased all of it myself with my husband's hard earned money.  So no kick backs here.  Not that I frown upon that, but I don't want anyone thinking anything on the list is because I'm getting paid for it.  Now, let's get it on!

  • Triple Paste - Next in line to Calmoseptine.  It is amazing on diaper rash & for prevention too!

  • Graco's NasalClear Battery Operated Aspirator -   My baby shower gift of choice!  If you are knocked up & I know you, you are gettin' one of these?  Especially great with a toddler who hates having his face sucked out! 

  • Graco MyRide 65 Car Seat - Great for keeping a child rear-facing as long as possible.  Rear-facing up to 40 pounds!  Front facing to 65 pounds.  So many great colors!  I have it & love it!

Now, if you want expert Mom advice?...well...I'll work on getting Michelle Duggar to do a guest post for me!

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