Sunday, July 25, 2010

Minuscule Moments of Joy - Guest Post by Lauren @ My Postpartum Voice

I am so excited to introduce everyone to Lauren.  She is wonderful, inspiring and she has been a world of support to me in my struggle with postpartum depression.The creator & host of #PPDChat on Twitter she has been able to reach out and help countless numbers of women & men suffering from a Postpartum Mood Disorder.  The blog author of My Postpartum Voice she has been the quiet reassuring hand on my shoulder telling me that I'm not alone and that I will win the battle.  You can find her at any of the following links listed below as well.

So ladies & gentleman, without further ado.....

Minuscule Moments of Joy

Motherhood fits me very nicely these days.

When I was a six year old girl, I played with my stuffed animals by shoving them up my shirt to pretend I was pregnant. I wanted nothing more than to be a mother.

Then I grew up.

I realized life is hard.

And sometimes it sucks.

Even when you get what you want.

Oh, I got what I wanted. Three kids in under four years. Motherhood slid fast and furious into my life – for awhile there I felt trapped on the Autobahn with no brakes, screaming for dear life.

Then a Postpartum Mood Disorder sideswiped me. Twice. Landed me in the hospital once, the fetal position with tears streaming down my face more times than I care to admit.

Now my oldest is six. My youngest is two and a half.

Yes, I have days when I want nothing more than to sit down with a stiff drink and empty my brain as I watch mindless crap (thank you TV Producers!). But then... there are other days when I am amazed by my children. When I am reminded by them of the magic of my own childhood.

Today was one of the days on which I was grateful for bedtime.

This morning though, my six year old giggled with glee as a Roly-Poly (or a pill-bug) crawled over her hands and up her arm. She bragged to her grandmother on the phone about her new little friend. Then we oohed and ahhed over a partially open flower in a huge flower pot on the front porch.

This afternoon, my two and a half year old was still asleep when I went to wake him from nap. As he stretched and slowly opened his eyes, I sat down next to his crib, my face barely peeking through his stuffed animals sleeping buddies. He giggled as he realized I was waiting for him. As he stood up, he grinned and held his arms up straight, wanting me to lift him over the rail. I love these moments.

Later this afternoon, my four year old stood at the kid's computer in the corner with the headphones on her head. Suddenly she did not look like a baby anymore. You mothers know that moment – that split second in which you suddenly realize your baby has grown up a little bit more. It took my breath away. My baby is growing up! When the hell did that happen???

So moms – drink in the small moments. The minuscule moments of joy with your children. Cherish them. Because they are what really matter. These moments are from what the fabric of life is woven. Moments such as recapture the magic from your own childhood. Embrace them. Share them. LOVE them. Even when you feel as if you cannot. Because it is when you cannot that you must.


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