Thursday, July 22, 2010

If I Could Bring Back Time - A Guest Blog Post by Inquisitive Coach

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If I Could Bring Back Time...

Every year as Christmas roars closer people say "Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?  I can't believe it's been a year already."  And all the while it's true.  The older I get (in my wise 30's) time does seem to race by leaving a trace of yesterday as a faint memory.  I've just realized the depth of this.  My only child, an amazing, smart, funny, well-balanced son, is leaving for college – out of state.  While this is super EXCITING and I could not be more proud of the young man he’s become, it's very bittersweet.  You see, we are 18 years close in age, and we are very much like close siblings. 
Moms of young children this is for you. 
While you see the house get messy, the laundry pile up  - leave it.  If there is one thing I've learned it's you can't get time back.  Nothing is more important than the memories you can create everyday. I spent a lot of being a serious mom who meant business (think drill sergeant).  This was for many reasons: 1. I lived with my parents and if you’re a kid you sit up and don't goof off.   2. I felt I had to prove that I (the rebel, bad teenager with a foul mouth) could raise a respectable, smart child.  CHECK please! Sometimes I think my extended family is still in shock and waiting for the shoe to drop!!! As if there is no way I could have raised such a good kid.  The moment I held my son, my life took a 180 and I quickly turned into Polyana.  As best a rebel could.  I am the queen of always setting a good example.  And so I did.  Most of the time. 
If I could take back time I would:  Loosen up a bit and not take things so serious.  Would let the laundry pile get bigger.  I would be more flexible.  I would get in the sandbox and get dirty.  Basically, I would not be so stressed over domestic stuff. 

Moms of young kids - enjoy every single moment of your child's life.  See the beauty and humor in everything they do, even if it irritates the crap out of you.  They are just little tiny peeps navigating life and learning from their mentors (us parents). Always treat them with respect.  Teach it to them.  Always listen to them and acknowledge their feelings.  Teach them kindness and humor.  Allow them to be their own person.  Encourage their interests and be supportive.  Teach them early about consequences.  Independence.  Assign them chores and pay them an allowance.  Cook with them.  Most importantly have conversations with them.
I’ll probably have tears streaming down my face soon, so if you want a good laugh, I’ll be at

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