Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Love Bed - A Guest Blog Post by MidAtlantic Mommy

I am so excited to introduce y'all to MidAtlantic Mommy aka Mrs. MidAtlantic.  I've been following her blog ever since darling LuLu was but a wee fetus in her momma's ute!  I loved hearing her weekly updates of her pregnancy and being able to almost experience it with her!  A visit to her blog is a sneak peek at the life of a 1st time Mommy.  Who knew there was so much they didn't really tell you about pregnancy?  Funny, sweet & honest.  Head on over & check it out...Now!  Wait!  After you read this...then go check out her blog!

I love Bed.
by Mrs. MidAtlantic
Did you ever see that movie, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy"?  Hubby and I love that movie.  Like a lot.  Like we own it and watch it once a month or so.  And laugh at pretty much everything.

One particular conversation from the movie really strikes a chord with me:

Brick:  I love... carpet.


Brick:  I love... desk.

Ron:  Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?

Brick:  I love lamp.

Ron:  Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?

Brick:  I love lamp. I love lamp!

Every morning I think to myself (and often exclaim out loud), "I love Bed.  I love Bed!"  And I really mean it.  Hubby is pretty sure that I love Bed more than I love him, Laura and the dog combined.  It's a close race, I can tell you that.  I love climbing in Bed at night.  I love caressing the soft sheets with my toes.  I love fluffing my special feather pillow just so under my head.  I love drawing the cozy comforter up to my chin.  I love how Bed smells.  I love how Bed feels.  I love Bed!

Just thinking about Bed as I write this post, I'm salivating a little... Why did I get out of Bed this morning?  Oh yeah, work.

My love of Bed is like Homer Simpson’s love of donuts.  Mmm… Bed…

Recently, Bed has gotten even more attractive on weekend mornings.  Laura cries.  Hubby gets her bottle ready, and then plops her in Bed between us.  I doze lazily next to her as she delicately sips her bottle (she's a S-L-O-W eater), and eventually she falls asleep next to me, her warm little body curled up next to mine.  The only thing more perfect than Bed, is Bed filled with my family.

I love Bed!

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